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This showcase of innovations in biomedical engineering education comes from universities that received major support from The Whitaker Foundation. Participating institutions received at least one Leadership, Leadership-Development, or Development Award or at least three Special Opportunity Awards from the foundation. Biomedical engineering is a fast-moving and fast-growing field that presents unique challenges to education professionals. Here are some of the innovative ways these challenges are being met.

Featured Programs
  Modular Introductory Course
Design and implementation of a modular introductory bioengineering course.
  Design, Research, Innovation
Explicit training on the design, development and technology transfer of potential biomedical products.
  Virtual Imaging Laboratory
A teaching supplement for courses in medical imaging.
  Problem Based Learning
Problem based learning (PBL): The mechanism for innovating in BME education.
  Information Overload
The challenge of too much information: How technology is helping to manage education overload.
  Health-Tech Management
This program combines business, technology, and healthcare for an M.S. in Healthcare Technologies Management.
  Midwest BME Conference
The first Midwest Biomedical Engineering Conference, organized and sponsored by students of the University of Michigan.
  Biology-Based Discipline
A biology-based engineering discipline---undergraduate curriculum.
  From the Ground Up
Purdue providing an innovative, new campus environment for inter-disciplinary research and teaching.
  BME Honors Academy
The BME Honors Academy is designed for a highly selective group of biomedical engineering undergraduates.
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