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Foundations Supporting Biomedical Research

The Burroughs Wellcome Fund
Wallace H. Coulter Foundation
Howard Hughes Medical Institute and HHMI-Janelia Farm
The W.M. Keck Foundation
The NAS-Keck Futures Initiative
The Pew Charitable Trust
The Sloan Foundation

The Burroughs Wellcome Fund

The Burroughs Wellcome Fundís overall grant-making strategy is to help scientists early in their careers develop as independent investigators, and to advance fields in the basic medical sciences that are undervalued or in need of particular encouragement. Within this overall strategy, the Fund makes grants within five focus areas:

Basic Biomedical Sciences
Infectious Disease
Interfaces in Science
Science Education
Translational Research

The Fund also has programs which support academic scientists: postdoctoral-faculty bridging awards, faculty awards, and institutional awards.

Click here for more information on all BWF grant programs.

Wallace H. Coulter Foundation

Wallace Coulterís deepest passion was to improve health care and make these improvements available and affordable to everyone. Thus, it should come as no surprise, that Mr. Coulter dedicated his wealth to continuing to improve health care through medical research and engineering. Prior to his death Mr. Coulter established the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation to fund these areas.

The foundation has two main programs to support translational research in biomedical engineering:

Translational Research Partnerships in BME
Early Career Translational Research Awards in BME
Howard Hughes Medical Institute - Janelia Farm

One of the largest philanthropies in the world, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute supports basic biomedical research on the campuses of universities and other research organizations throughout the United States. The Instituteís grant programs include:

Precollege Science Education Program
Undergraduate Science Education Program
Graduate Science Education and Medical Research Training Program
International Program
Research Resources Program
Educational Products and Publications

In February 2001, HHMI unveiled a plan for a new biomedical science center, named Janelia Farm, that will develop advanced biomedical technology in a collaborative setting. The Institute anticipates that the facilities on the new campus will be available for occupancy in 2006, and will invite proposals from the scientific community at large, as well as from HHMI investigators.

For more information on current HHMI grant programs, click here.

W.M. Keck Foundation

One of the nation's largest philanthropic organizations, The W. M. Keck Foundation supports exemplary scientific, engineering, and medical research programs at accredited universities and colleges and independent research institutions throughout the United States. The foundationís main programs include the Science and Engineering Program and the Medical Research Program. Medical Research oversees The Distinguished Young Scholars in Medical Research program.

For more information on Keck grant programs, click here.

NAS-Keck Futures Initiative

A new program designed to stimulate new modes of inquiry and break down the conceptual and institutional barriers to interdisciplinary research, the National Academies Keck Futures Initiative incorporates three core activities each year:

Futures Conferences
Futures Grants
National Academies Communication Awards

The National Academies is also conducting a study on Facilitating Interdisciplinary Research.

The Pew Charitable Trust

Among the nation's largest private philanthropies, the Pew Charitable Trusts support nonprofit activities in the areas of culture, education, the environment, health and human services, public policy and religion. In biomedical research, the Trusts support the Pew Scholars Program in the Biomedical Sciences (or http://pewscholars.com), and the Pew Latin American Fellows Program in the Biomedical Sciences (or http://pewlatinfellows.com). The Trusts also are supporting a pilot project called the Science and Society Institute.

The Sloan Foundation

A major component of The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation 's program is supporting science and technology. Basic parts of this program include:

direct support of research in selected fields, and
work in the history of science and technology.


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